Custom Milling

In addition to milling our own olives, we offer custom milling services for olive growers. Growers have access to our state of the art hammer mill. Details about custom milling services are below.

We will begin scheduling custom milling starting October 1, 2016.

Due to resource and mill limitations, combined with an increase in our own oil production, custom milling services will be very limited this year. For customers expecting under 700 lbs. of olives, we suggest joining us on one of our three Community Milling dates.

For customers expecting one or more tons please contact us at (707) 293-8833 or by email at to discuss your estimated olive quantity and possible milling dates. We will be scheduling to maximize the usage of the mill and will confirm a milling date for you if available within 48 hours of your scheduling call. We cannot run our mill with a quantity of less than 700lbs, and for quantities between 700lbs and 1 ton, we suggest teaming up with other olive growers to meet the Custom Crush minimum of 2000 lbs.

Scheduling and Contract Details

After a Custom Milling appointment is made, you will be emailed a Milling Contract that must be signed and returned no later than 24 hours before your scheduled milling date. We cannot mill your olives without a signed contract, and delivery of olives without one will result in a delay of milling or loss of your scheduled time. Please see the link on our web site for the contract, or contact us for ways to get a copy. All deliveries must be made by 9am on the day scheduled, unless special arrangements are made ahead of time.

If you wish to have your olives milled using our stone mill, please confirm this at the time of booking, and indicate that on your milling contract as well. Unless it is specified, we will mill your olives using our hammer mill, as it is the more efficient of the two processes. For the hammer mill, your price for milling services is pro-rated according to the weight brought in, with a minimum charge of $350. Our regular per-ton rates are $425 for the hammer mill, with discounts for weights greater than 4.0 tons.

Barring special circumstances, your oil will be made for you within 24 hours and oil and delivery bins must be picked up within 48 hours. An invoice will be issued and emailed after your olives are milled, and payment must be made at the time of pickup. Plastic food-grade containers ranging in size from 1 gallon to 55 gallons are available for purchase, and your oil will be put into these containers unless usable, clean, well-marked, personal containers are supplied at the time of olive delivery. Dry Creek Olive Company reserves the right to substitute its own containers if we feel that a customer’s containers are not clean enough and may affect the quality of the oil.

We have also made a change to our waste policy. Our waste processing fee has been changed to a flat rate of $100/ton with a minimum fee of $35. In addition, our customers also have the option to take home their olive pomace for their own composting use, and save the waste disposal fee. A leak-proof container must be provided at the time of olive drop off (we can use the bins used to deliver the olives if they do not have any slats); we will pump your pomace into the container and have it available for you to remove when you pick up your oil.

Please click here to download a PDF of the Milling Contract