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Are you ready to savor the flavors of spring? We have a fantastic selection of new wines and oils to tantalize your taste buds and have you yearning for more! Get ready to discover the latest 2022 release of Michelle's Rosé - a delicate and crisp wine perfect for sipping on a warm spring day. Our Rhône-style mR white wine blend is sure to impress with its stunning flavor profile. Our red wines range from light and easy-drinking to bold and complex - there's something for every palate. Our buttery Three Orchards Blend olive oil is perfect for elevating your spring cooking, while our medium-bodied Miller's Blend adds a touch of sophistication. And for those who like a bit of zest in their dishes, our Meyer Lemon olive oil is a must-try. We've worked tirelessly with our team to curate these picks just for you - it's truly our pleasure. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy our spring club selections. Trust us; your taste buds will thank you!

Cheers, Amanda Slade, Club Manager

2022 Michelle’s Rosé

North Coast

New Release!

Our 2022 Grenache Rosé is a delightfully bright and elegant wine, boasting a delicious nose of rhubarb and strawberry, with hints of peach and citrus on the palate and finishing with pleasant acidity. Nowadays, Rosé is enjoyed all year round, even as the weather cools down, and it’s particularly great with appetizers before spring and summer meals! For an excellent culinary pairing, try Michelle’s Rosé with various dishes like salmon, veggie pizzas, soft cheeses, pesto, grilled meats, charcuterie, egg dishes, fresh salads, bruschetta and fruit salads.

Vigna, Terra, Oliva, Industry

2020 mR

Estate, Dry Creek Valley

New Release!

Located in the heart of Dry Creek Valley, Trattore Farms is home to a variety of Rhône white grapes that thrive in our Mediterranean climate. The blending of Marsanne and Roussanne produces a captivating wine highlighting each grape’s contribution. Roussanne provides rich stone fruit notes, while Marsanne’s tropical profile and alluring mouthfeel make our mR a wine for all seasons. Enjoy mR with rich shellfish such as shrimp and lobster. The citrus notes make this wine tasty with Thai curries (yellow, red, green) and Pad Thai along with Chinese food (beef in black bean sauce, egg fried rice, spring rolls and crispy shredded duck pancakes). We would be remiss if we did not mention Indian curries as well! 

Vigna, Terra, Oliva, Industry

2021 Elevation Blend 

Alder Springs Vineyard, Mendocino County

New Release!

This pristine, high-elevation vineyard climbs to 4,000 feet and experiences a cooler climate being just 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Situated in a rugged and remote location, the vines thrive in low-vigor soils on steep, terraced hillsides. Elevate your palate with our blend of Rhône varietals that elegantly coalesce to offer floral aromatics, beautiful minerality and bright acidity. Try Elevation Blend with fried appetizers, herb goat cheese,  raw oysters, sushi and Mediterranean-themed fish dishes and fried calamari.

Vigna, Terra

2021 Counoise

Alder Springs Vineyard, Mendocino County

New Release!

Unknown among mainstream varietals, Counoise is often used to develop aromatic complexity in Rhône blends. After our first Counoise harvest and as this wine developed, we fell in love with the flavor profile as a varietal on its own. We love the rose petal and ripe red raspberry nose with strawberry, cedar and spices on the palate. We hope you will love this wine as much as we have. Serve Counoise with grilled or roasted meats, fish, chicken, hearty sausages and stew. It is also delicious with pork, given its richness, and we love this wine with aged cheddar.


2021 Syrah

Alder Springs Vineyard, Mendocino County

New Release!

Our Appellation Series Syrah from Alder Springs Vineyard in Mendocino County is a full-bodied yet delicate wine with beautiful depth and a fruit-forward palate. The cooler climate brings bright acidity and minerality of Old World flavors. Enjoy violets and eucalyptus on the nose with layers of dark berries and chocolate on the palate. Savor the flavors of this elegant wine. Syrah pairs very well with grilled meats and vegetables, wild game, beef stew, bbq chicken, duck, hamburgers and aged hard cheeses like Gouda.


2021 Stone Soup

Estate, Dry Creek Valley

New Release!

Our Estate Stone Soup Blend combines our red grape varietals grown in the rockiest of soils on our home ranch. We harvest these grapes, hand-sort and co-ferment together to create a uniquely beautiful field blend. This technique has been used for centuries to create more complexity and structure, making for a noticeably superior wine. Stone Soup seemed like the perfect name for this luscious red wine, given the stone-strewn soils from which it came. By blending the best of Old and New World wine styles, we strive to produce the finest wines. We love Stone Soup with BBQ brisket, meat-topped pizza, braises and stews, dirty burgers (cheese, bacon, onions and pickles piled high), black beans and portobello mushrooms with garlic butter.

Vigna, Terra, Oliva, Industry

Three Orchards Blend Olive Oil

2021 Mediterranean Blend combines Italy’s Ascolano and Tuscan olive, Greece’s Koroneiki, Spain’s Sevillano, and Manzanilla into tantalizingly fresh oil. Its grassy, green olive fruits have hints of pepper and cucumber with a smooth mid-palate and spicy finish. Arbequina’s mild, subtly sweet, buttery flavor profile lends itself to a wide variety of culinary uses, such as sauces, dipping oil, dressings, finishing oil, baking, cooking, seafood and dessert (vanilla bean ice cream with sea salt)!

Vigna, Oliva, Olio

Miller’s Blend Olive Oil

Olive milling season begins with the harvest of Sevillano olives. This green, slightly peppery, but smooth olive oil exhibits flavors of fresh herbs with rich, grassy undertones, adding a unique freshness to everyday foods! The Manzanilla olive tree is the most widely grown variety in the world, and Tuscan varietals are plentiful in wine country. Each varietal is integral to California’s olive oil production, so this delicious blend is fittingly named our “Miller’s Blend.”

Terra & Olio

Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

New Release!

Tuscan varietals Frantoio, Leccino, and Pendolino thrive in Northern California and are the source of some of the world’s most refined olive oil. These olives were harvested mid to late season, allowing their natural peppery profile to soften slightly. A smooth balance of ripe olive, white pepper and toasted hazelnut. Drizzle Meyer Lemon olive oil over pasta, cook with Lemon Picatta chicken, stir fry with broccoli, and use as a dressing with Pomegranate Vinegar.

Vigna & Olio

Peach White Balsamic Vinegar

New Release!

Delicious peach flavor! Sweet, white Trebbiano grape pressings are simmered at low temperatures to avoid darkening while becoming thick and caramelized. Fresh peach puree is then added to create a perfectly balanced infusion. The result is a crisp vinegar with a sweetness reminiscent of handcrafted vinegar from northern Italy. This vinegar can be paired with our regular or flavored olive oils, resulting in a light but tart vinaigrette. Try this taste of summer in your dishes and enjoy it all year!



Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Loaf Cake
Creamy Spinach Artichoke Orzotto