Cara Cara Olive Oil

Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Varietals: Hojiblanca

No other citrus oil has such a vibrant color, fresh orange taste, and smooth finish. This one-of-a-kind oil is made from the finest Cara Cara oranges and tangy, Spanish Hojiblanca olives from Northern California. Cara Cara oranges are a special cultivar of the navel orange, distinguished by their rosy flesh, bright orange rind and rich orange flavor with sweet cherry undertones. The result is a wonderful harvest of olive oil and orange essence.

Estate milled and produced with love in beautiful Dry Creek Valley

375 ml bottle

Tasting Notes: This oils works perfectly as a dressing for salads with Balsamic vinegar. Roast with pork and potatoes. Combine with honey and red pepper flakes to stir-fry Brussels sprouts, broccoli, or Swiss chard. Use as a fresh-tasting and healthy alternative to butter for frying pancakes and french toast. Drizzle over chocolate cake or brownies with sea salt.. Use on the grill over peaches and apricots.

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