Miller's Blend Olive Oil - Two Best of Show, Best in Class, Double Gold

Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Varietal: 47% Manzanilla, 46% Sevillano, 7% Mission/Manzanilla blend

Intensity: Delicate

375 ml bottle

Estate-milled and produced in Dry Creek Valley

Best of Show, Double Gold: Sonoma County Harvest Fair 2018
Best of Show, Best in Class, Gold: Yolo County Fair Olive Oil Competition 2018

Tasting Notes: This green, slightly peppery, but smooth olive oil exhibits flavors of fresh herbs with rich, grassy undertones.

Usage Notes: What can we say? We are humbled to win so many awards for this olive oil. This blend goes with anything! Drizzle, sizzle, bake or fry – this is our most versatile olive oil for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here is a special recipe for the holiday season:

Foudjou (soft cheese in olive oil with herbs) There is a range of wonderful French cheese spreads, made at home and kept for spreading on croûtes. They are basically "potted" cheeses. This is lovely with a tomato or lentil salad. You need a soft goat's cheese without a rind and a strong hard goat's cheese.

Fills 1 x 225g jar 150g soft goat's cheese 90g hard goat's cheese 2 tsp thyme leaves 1 tbsp brandy or eau de vie 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

-Mash the soft cheese in a bowl. Finely grate the hard cheese and add to the soft with the thyme. Mash with the alcohol and half the oil. Season. Pack into a small sterilized jar, pour the rest of the oil on top and seal.

-Refrigerate for two weeks before eating, and return to room temperature to serve.

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