Olio Nuovo Olive Oil 2018 - Limited Production!

Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Varietal: 48% Ascolana, 52% Spanish Manzanilla

Intensity: Medium

375 ml bottle

Estate-milled and produced in Dry Creek Valley

Looking for the ultimate gift for a food lover? Look no further than our 2018 “Olio Nuovo”. Translated as “New Oil”, this bottling is of this harvest’s first pressings offered to you only a few weeks after milling, making it as fresh as you can get!

The release of Olio Nuovo celebrates the start of a new olive harvest. Typically, the first olives pressed each season are barely mature and quite green, resulting in an Olio Nuovo that can have a particularly strong taste with a high amount of bitterness. This year, however, we have blended the early pressing of two more delicate olives – the Manzanilla and Ascolana for a smooth, just slightly bitter oil with a bright and lively flavor. This balance is sure to please both oil connoisseurs and novice chefs, as it will enhance nearly everything it is paired with!

2018 has been a challenging year for olives, so with this release of Olio Nuovo, we have all the more reason to celebrate! Limited in production we can only offer this special oil for a limited time, so pick up a bottle and salute the harvest!

Tasting Notes and Usage Notes: A fairly mild, but extremely fresh oil. The Manzanilla olive originated in southern Spain. The name translates to “little apple” as this olive has a roundish, plump shape resembling an apple. It is a very popular olive for oil and grown extensively in northern California. Also prevalent in California, Ascolana originates from the Le Marche region of Italy that stretches in central Italy from east of Florence and north of Perugia to the Adriatic Sea. It is a bigger olive – one of the main 4 “larger” olive category, which also includes Sevillano, Manzanilla, and Mission. Its oil is very fruity, but being that these olives were still more than 50% green when harvested, add a bitterness to the oil. To keep this from being too overwhelming, the Ascolana was blended with Manzanilla olives that were more ripe, yielding a buttery mouthfeel, a fruity richness, and less bitterness and pungency. It is a delightful oil that will pair well with most anything, but given its freshness, start with a wonderful, crusty loaf of bread!

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