Picual Olive Oil - Best in Class, Double Gold, Gold

Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Varietal: 100% Picual

Intensity: Medium to Robust

375 ml bottle

Estate-milled and produced in Dry Creek Valley

Best in Class, Gold: Los Angeles International 2018
Double Gold: Sonoma County Harvest Fair 2018
Gold: California Mid State Fair 2018

Spain cultivates more olives than anywhere else in the world, and nearly half of all that production is of one varietal: the Picual olive. Picual derives its name from its pointed tip or "pico". This oil is medium-bodied with a smooth texture. Enjoy one of Spain's best-loved oils, grown and produced right here in California!

Tasting Notes: This single-varietal oil has a sweet, but slightly woody, green tomato taste that finishes with a peppery bite. The many layers of flavor make this olive oil a special offering all on its own.

Usage Notes: Try this olive oil with bitter green salads, roasted/grilled vegetables like sweet potatoes and asparagus, red meat, aged cheese, soups, and stews. Delicious with paella or Spanish tapas. Drizzle on pizza or mix with spaghetti and meatballs.

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