Serrano Olive Oil - limited production

Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Varietal: 100% Tuscan Blend (Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino)

Intensity: Robust

250 ml bottle

Estate-milled and produced in Dry Creek Valley

Turn the heat up a notch or two! If you want to add some spice and heat to your meals, there is nothing better than our Serrano Pepper Olive Oil!

Tasting Notes: This oil takes the bold flavors of Tuscan olives and adds the medium intensity of the Serrano pepper. With this oil, a little goes a long way to add flavor and spice to your everyday dishes.

Usage Notes: Try this oil in marinades, as a finish to roasted meats or a zing to guacamole. Bring on the heat!

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