Sustainable Farming

Our goal at Trattore Farms is to preserve the essence of the fruit that goes into our wines and extra virgin olive oils. These fruit characteristics, whether they are blackberry flavors in our Zinfandel or peppery and pungent notes in our olive oils, come from the soil, air and water of our Dry Creek Valley estate. It is our goal to manage our business and our agricultural techniques in a way that maintains these great resources of our property, and the Dry Creek Valley as a whole, so that future generations may also enjoy the pleasures of the land as we do.

Some of the sustainable business techniques we employ are:

• The winery, olive mill and tasting room facilities are solar powered. The sun provides approximately 85% of our yearly electrical power to run pumps, olive press, and cooling units to keep the wine cellar and our customers happy year round. On sunny days, our PG&E utility meter runs backwards!
• All the grape and olive waste (pomace) during harvest is composted back into our soil. This improves soil structure as well as introduces a fresh crop of beneficial fungus and bacteria into the soil.
• Our vineyards and orchards are farmed sustainably. We take great pains to reduce the amount fuel, fertilizer and pest control inputs on the Trattore estate. Our use of technology for water conservation leads the county of Sonoma. Our weather and soil moisture stations, situated on key locations on our estate, allow us to optimally manage our water use. Additionally, our waste water treatment plant allows us to recycle our winery waste water. It, in turn, gets reused for irrigation of our vineyards and olive orchards. Our high tech water stress equipment is used to ensure that only the required amount of water is used on our farm, not a drop more.
• Our property is a magnet for beneficial animals. We plant cover crops that attract beneficial insects (insectiary crops) and have engineered our vineyard and orchard environment so that we have a number of bird of prey families, such as Red Tail Hawks, in residence. Owl boxes, hawk perches, and bird calls all promote a healthy bird-of-prey population, ensuring that rodents are kept in check naturally.
• Several of our staff members are early adopters of electric vehicles and use these green machines in their everyday driving. Trattore Farms is equipped with Tesla and Universal chargers in front of our tasting room and are free of charge to our guests.
• We are currently evaluating a biodiesel program, whereby we use waste olive oil mixed with standard diesel to produce an environmentally friendly fuel for our ranch tractors and trucks.