At Trattore Estate Wines, we are fortunate to have 30-year veteran winemaker Kerry Damskey at the helm. Kerry brings a wealth of experience allowing us incredible consistency in our wines. He is equally adept in the vineyard making the decision to pick or at the blending table as we finalize the wines before they head to bottle.

Under Kerry’s hand, yields in the vineyard are kept extremely low. All our fruit is handpicked in “micro picks” at the height of ripeness. Micro picking involves evaluating each row of vines individually in search of the ripest fruit. If a row or even and individual vine is not fully ripe, it is skipped. Fruit does not make it into the winery unless it has reached its optimal maturity.

In the cellar, Kerry brings a winemaking practice entrenched in tradition. He uses small bins for micro control of each lot of grapes as well as open top fermenters and punch downs by hand to ensure full extraction of color and flavor from the fruit. This attention to detail comes through in each bottle of our wine.