FALL 2023


Discover our 2023 Fall Selection! If you have specific wine and olive oil preferences, remember you can tailor your shipments to suit your taste. For our Wine Club and Olive Oil (Olio) Club members, the customization window opens on September 15 and concludes on September 24 at 11 pm

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Delight in Our Fall Wine Club Shipment! As the holidays approach, immerse yourself in an exquisite range of wines tailored to elevate your celebrations. Whether you're hosting friends or family, our selections promise to enchant every palate. The crowning jewel? Our Best of Class, Double Gold Stone Soup Blanc, earned 97 points. Its intricate blend and impeccable structure epitomize the best of class. From the light, breezy reds to the rich, layered varieties, there's a bottle for every wine lover's preference. But it's not just about wines - our Basil olive oil stands out with its unmatched versatility, consistently a fan-favorite. Trattore Estate Olive Oil blends complex flavors, artfully crafted from over ten distinct olive varietals. Meanwhile, our Valencia Orange olive oil stands peerless with its prestigious double gold accolade. Dive into the world of culinary adventures with these exceptional oils, and for inspiration, don't miss our curated recipes below.

2021 Estate Stone Soup Blanc

Trattore Farms Estate, Dry Creek Valley

Best of Class, Double Gold, 97 Points

New Release!

We are very excited to be awarded Best of Class, Double Gold, and 97 Points in the 2023 Women’s International Wine Competition. Our 2021 Stone Soup Blanc is a blend of 32% Roussanne, 30% Viognier, 26% Marsanne, and 12% Picpoul. Grown in the rocky soils of our estate, this wine is made using a traditional method known as field blending. We create a complex wine with great structure by harvesting, hand-sorting, pressing, and fermenting the different varietals together. It is the best of Old and New World styles. Roussanne provides a floral, nutty, baked bread and spice flavor profile. Viognier adds exuberant peach, apricot, and citrus notes. Marsanne contributes noble tannins for structure and aging, finishing with PIcpoul, which provides high acidity, bright citrus, and melon flavors. We love this vintage and hope you do too!

Enjoy this wine with soft and hard cheeses, patè, roasted chicken, pork, veal, cream-based sauces, spicy flavors, and Asian Cuisine.

7878, Vigna,Terra, Oliva, Industry

2021 Estate Viognier 

Trattore Farms Estate, Dry Creek Valley

New Release!

Our newest Estate Viognier is here, and we couldn’t be more excited. Coming from two distinct blocks, our Viognier grapes face east and west on extreme hillsides. The hallmark of this grape is the scent of spring blossoms that combine jasmine, honeysuckle and stone fruit flavors of apricot and peach. The slight vanilla and tangerine finish makes for a beautifully balanced wine.

Enjoy this wine with creamy, nutty, sharp cheeses, an apricot spread, and buttery crackers. We also love this wine with roasted chicken, lemon piccata dishes, creamy sauces, rich shellfish (like grilled shrimp and lobster with butter and root vegetables such as sweet potatoes roasted with olive oil, red onion and garlic). 

7878, Vigna, Terra

2021 Gratitude

Alder Springs Vineyard, Mendocino County

New Release!

Being part of a farming community is a profoundly humbling experience. The gratitude we experience daily is indescribable – with majestic mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The combination of nature’s beauty, diversity of terroir, and microclimates that allow us to produce stunning varietals is a gift without equal. We are forever grateful to share this with you. Our 2021 Gratitude wine is an elegant blend of 58% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 20% Cinsault, and 2% Counoise. A light-to-medium-bodied wine is a versatile drinking experience that is wonderful for all seasons. An aromatic profile has bright berry notes, while the palate has flavors of crisp red apple, tangy cherry, and delicate white violets and a beautiful fruit finish, well-balanced tannins, and acidity that lingers on the pallet. Enjoy this wine with robust foods such as ribeye steak, grilled or BBQ red meats, hamburgers, osso buco, sauteed mushrooms, roasted chicken, and charcuterie. It’s also delicious with roasted herb chicken (sage, rosemary, orange, and red pepper) and casseroles.

7878, Vigna, Terra, Oliva, Industry

2021 Proprietor’s Reserve

Trattore Farms Estate, Dry Creek Valley

New Release!

Our 2021 Proprietor’s Reserve combines everything Trattore Farms offers: great terroir, exquisite fruit flavors, meticulous winemaking, and a long family history of land stewardship and farming tradition. This wine combines Tim’s favorite Rhône varietals from our Estate (48% Syrah, 28% Grenache, 24% Mourvèdre). It has earthy aromatics, a bright palate, and persistent yet graceful tannins. The fruit flavors show off strawberries, pomegranates, seductive flowers, earth, and pepper. 

There is so much to celebrate about this wine. Pair with red meats like meatloaf, savory pot pies, mac & cheese, beef Wellington, stews, smoked brisket, sauteed mushrooms, and spicy Asian cuisine.

7878, Vigna, Terra

2021 Reserve Zinfandel

Trattore Farms Estate, Dry Creek Valley

New Release!

Rooted in the heart of Dry Creek Valley, Trattore showcases the grape varietal that this region most recognizes:  Zinfandel. Our Reserve Zinfandel is grown on a low-vigor 101-14 rootstock, which yields an old vine Zinfandel style with a quality level that bestows a Reserve wine label. Opulent and aromatic, the nose has a bright bouquet of dark berries. Enjoy cherries, plums, and herbs on the tongue, finishing with an elegant and firm acidity.

We like to think this is an everyday wine that pairs with many staple foods like pizza with red sauce, grilled BBQ ribs, brisket, kabobs, hamburgers, and your favorite chili!

7878, Vigna, Terra, Oliva, Industry

2016 Stagecoach Cabernet Sauvignon

Stagecoach Vineyards, Napa Valley

Limited Availability

Only a few cases remain of this exceptional Cabernet. Nestled on an old stagecoach trail from the 19th century, the vineyard is positioned amidst grand rocks and boulders on the eastern elevations of Napa Valley, rising almost 1,500 feet above the valley’s base. Stagecoach Vineyard is renowned for yielding robust, long-lasting Cabernet from its iconic red, rocky, volcanic terrain. Our winemakers combine artistry and dedication to craft wines that beautifully meld Old and New World techniques. Revel in this tribute to Napa’s Cabernet heritage.

Cabernet complements dishes like steak, a juicy burger, beef short ribs, sumptuous braised beef, roasted or grilled lamb, and a generous selection of cheeses!


2021 Late Harvest Zinfandel 


New Release!

Introducing our first-ever Late Harvest Zinfandel. Late-harvest wines are made from grapes left on the vine even after reaching their peak ripeness. When grapes are left hanging, they become sweeter as each grape dehydrates, and the sugar content becomes more concentrated. Nurtured by warm summer days and cool evenings, our Estate Zinfandel develops naturally sweet, rich, full-berry characteristics as the grapes mature. Picked at sunrise, whole-cluster sorted, and cold fermented allows for luscious fruity aromatics. We hope you enjoy our first-ever late-harvest red wine!

Enjoy this luscious wine as an aperitif with hors d’oeuvres, chocolate desserts, cheesecake, and nutty, pungent and rich cheeses.



Basil Olive Olive Oil 

Gold Medal Winner 2023 SoCo Harvest Fair

Oliva, Olio

Basil, it’s one of olive oil’s favorite pairings. The two can be found in many culinary delights, and now you need to go no farther than one delicious oil! Basil olive oil is made by milling the freshest Basil leaves with estate-grown, mild, buttery Arbequina olives. As a substitute for salad dressings, the base for many fresh vegetable dishes, or with crudités, our Basil olive oil is sure to become a staple in your kitchen. Enjoy this olive oil year-round.

Usage Notes: We love this oil with Caprese salad and pasta dishes or anytime you want a touch of Basil. Its delicate flavor is delicious, with sweet French bread as a dip. Use it as the base for sautés vegetables or toss potatoes before roasting.


Trattore Estate Olive Oil

Gold Medal Winner 2023 SoCo Harvest Fair!

Vigna, Olio

Our Estate olive oil truly celebrates the diverse flavors and characteristics of the nearly 20 varietals grown on our home ranch. The carefully curated blend of delicate Spanish Arbequina, grown in trellised rows, and the traditionally planted, robust Italian and herbaceous Greek varietals combine to create a bold and spicy oil with a unique buttery palate. This oil is a tribute to the rich olive-growing tradition of our Estate. We hope you enjoy this very special olive oil blend!

Usage Notes: Given its bold flavor, add this olive oil to red pasta sauces, bitter greens, spicy dishes, soups, stews, grilled meats and roasts, bruschetta, aged cheeses, seafood paella and with garlic mashed potatoes.

Manzanilla Olive Oil

New Release!

This mono-cultivar (one varietal of olives only) reflects the richness of California’s more popularly grown olives – the Spanish varietal Manzanilla. It has a mild and sweet profile with rich, grassy undertones and a middle palate full of olive flavor before finishing with a slightly bitter and peppery end. An excellent, versatile oil that we consider a staple in our pantry.

Usage Notes: Enjoy drizzled over cherry tomato Caprese, slow-cooked salmon with harissa, greens, and beans; with crusty bread or with fried eggs and pancetta over Brioche. With the Fall season approaching, use in soups. Recipe: Greek Beef and Rice Meatballs, Olive Oil, Lemon Sauce


Valencia Orange Olive Oil

New Release!

Valencia, a favorite among oranges, gets its name from the city in Spain, making it a perfect partner for Spanish olives. Our oil is made from the finest Valencia oranges and late-harvest Manzanilla olives grown in Northern California. This oil has an intense orange flavor with perfect spice and zest. Add this “zest” to many of your favorite foods!

Usage Notes: This oil is an ideal salad dressing pairing with our Pomegranate Vinegar. Our favorite is drizzling over chocolate brownies. Enjoy with pancake mix, French toast, or brownie mix to add a delicate orange flavor. Toss over sweet potatoes before roasting, or finish with broccoli and Brussel sprouts!

Vigna, Olio

Pomegranate Vinegar

Year-round Favorite

Our Pomegranate Vinegar is produced with wine vinegar and pomegranate juice from California-grown pomegranates. Like the olive, the pomegranate has been cultivated for thousands of years. This versatile fruit, rich in antioxidants, adds a unique and savory tang to many foods. Our Pomegranate Vinegar has a rich, complex flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Usage Notes: A unique addition to salads, marinades, fish, and desserts. Use alone or mix with one of our extra virgin olive oils for an unforgettable salad dressing. Our favorite pairing is with Valencia Orange olive oil. 



Valencia Orange Pomegranate Salad
Grilled Carrots with Avocado and Mint