For over 100 years, Dry Creek Valley’s low rolling hills and dry, hot summers have quietly nourished olive trees. Now our arborists, growers and master oil blenders are rejuvenating these “heritage” orchards and carefully planting varieties to compliment them. Rooted in a tradition as rich and fertile as the soil of our valley, our artisan approach produces the highest quality extra virgin olive oils.

Most people know it as Wine Country. But to the craftsmen and women of Dry Creek Valley, it is Olive Country. The renewal and resurgence of olive production in Northern California is the focus of the Dry Creek Olive Company. We are uncovering old orchards, some dating back over 100 years, and coaxing them back into commercial production. Already, connoisseurs worldwide are recognizing that the same soil and dry Mediterranean climate that produce fine California wines are also capable of cultivating some of the very best olives and olive oils.

As the old trees continue to live through the years, we are reviving the history and tradition of olive growing. We plant new and unique olive varieties alongside our beloved heritage orchards because we believe these exquisitely aged trees produce much higher quality fruit and will continue to help complement future harvests for another generation.

Our belief in the region and our commitment to a natural, authentic approach is the cornerstone of the Dry Creek Olive Company. We came together in 2006 to share a reverence for authenticity, a passion for creating a more diverse landscape, and the finest olive oil possible.