As we welcome the Summer season, we are thrilled to offer our Seasonal Celebrations members the first taste of our 2022 Alder Springs Elevation and 2022 Estate Petite Sirah. This exclusive selection showcases some very exciting wines, each possessing its distinct personality and narrative. We encourage you to indulge in these extraordinary tastes, carefully selected to enhance your culinary adventures and brighten your gatherings during the warm summer months.

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Summer 2024 Offering: 

Sparkling Rosé (1 bottle) – Our Sparkling Rosé using the Mèthode Champenoise, a traditional, labor-intensive bottle fermentation, stands out for those who relish a refined bubbly. With a delicate salmon color, this bright cuvée has lively aromas of strawberries, raspberries, and notes of baked fruit pastries. Taste vibrant acidity and subtle cream flavors with fresh berries and hints of nectarine and tangerine.

2022 Alder Springs Elevation (2 bottles) This will be the last Alder Springs Elevation we produce. We have chosen not to renew our grape contract with Alder Springs Vineyard to focus on our Estate-produced wines, so the 2022 Alder Springs Elevation will be the last one we produce. Get it while you can! Always a popular wine, the 2022 Elevation has delicate and sweet floral aromatics with a balanced minerality that comes from the distinct high-elevation terroir of Alder Springs Vineyard. The vibrant acidity leaves a lasting impression. You do not want to miss this opportunity!

2022 Estate Petite Sirah (1 bottle) – It is not every year that our Estate produces enough Petite Sirah to support a single-varietal wine, but when it does, take note! Our Estate Petite Sirah is a bold and intense varietal. Known for its deep purple hue and robust character, it’s bursting with blackberry, plums and dark chocolate flavors. The wine’s firm tannins and full body contribute to the impressive structure, while subtle black pepper and spice notes add complexity. 

Important Dates

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