As we embrace the winter season, we are delighted to present an exquisitely curated collection for our Winter 2024 Club Release. This special selection showcases a diverse array of our finest wines and olive oils, each with its own unique character and story. We invite you to savor these exceptional flavors, thoughtfully chosen to enrich your culinary experiences and warm your gatherings during the colder months.

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7878, Vigna, Terra, Oliva and Industry

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2022 Counoise 

Alder Springs Vineyard, Mendocino County

New Release!

Experience the exotic allure of our 2022 Counoise from the Alder Springs Vineyard, perched some 1,700 – 2,700 feet above sea level in Mendocino County. This rare varietal wine offers a unique flavor profile, combining a rose petal and ripe red raspberry nose with strawberry, cedar and spices on the palate. It’s distinct characters makes it a standout addition to any collection. Crafted with expertise and care, this Counoise not only captivates with its taste, but also tells a story of unique terroir and winemaking dedication.

Serve Counoise with grilled or roasted meats, fish, chicken, hearty sausages and stew. It is also delicious with pork, given its richness, and we love this wine with aged cheddar.

7878, Vigna, Industry

2021 Estate Tractor Red

Trattore Farms Estate, Dry Creek Valley

New Release!

Each year, we create a unique combination for Tractor Red, and it’s one of our most popular wines amongst our club members. This year’s blend combines Zinfandel, Grenache, and Mourvèdre. With a bright nose and a beautifully balanced palate of cedar, bright and dark berries with a hint of leather and cocoa on the finish, you can enjoy this wine with just about any food. Salud! 

Enjoy this wine with BBQ chicken, grilled steaks, portabella mushroom burgers, bacon cheeseburgers, spicy cheeses, pepperoni pizza, and dark chocolate.

Vigna, Terra, Oliva

2021 Estate mR

Trattore Farms Estate, Dry Creek Valley

New Release!

Our 2021 Estate mR is a harmonious blend that honors the ancient Marsanne-Roussanne tradition, now reimagined on our Dry Creek Valley estate. This wine artfully combines the rich stone fruit notes of Roussanne with the tropical nuances and enticing mouthfeel of Marsanne. The result is a wine that transcends seasons, offering a diverse palette of flavors. Its unique profile is a testament to our vineyard’s distinct microclimate and terroir, melding historical winemaking artistry with our estate’s bold, New World expressions. This is a wine that not only celebrates its roots but also the unique character of its origin – a true reflection of time-honored tradition and contemporary craftsmanship.

The citrus notes make this wine delicious with Thai cuisines (yellow, red, green) and Pad Thai along with Chinese food (beef in black bean sauce, egg fried rice, spring rolls and crispy shredded duck pancakes). We would be remiss if we did not mention Indian curries as well! 

7878, Vigna, Terra, Oliva, Industry

2021 Estate Roussanne

Trattore Farms Estate, Dry Creek Valley

New Release!

Our eastern-facing Roussanne vines are nestled in stone-strewn soils on steep terrain that thrive in our warm Mediterranean days and ocean-influenced cool nights. The resulting wine showcases this beautiful Dry Creek Valley profile that makes us feel blessed to call this area home. Roussanne offers a unique flavor profile that is delicious with food. The aromas of honey, apricot and pear are bright and provide a rich, full-bodied texture. The wine’s vibrant acidity is refreshing and lively, balancing its richness. Roussanne ages well, which sets it apart from other white wines. As it matures, it develops even more complexity, opening up layers of the flavors and aromas of toasted nuts and spices.

We love this wine with cream sauces, hard cheeses, shellfish, lobster, crab with lemon and butter, spicy Asian cuisine, and lemon tart.

7878, Vigna, Terra

2021 Estate Mourvèdre

Trattore Farms Estate, Dry Creek Valley

New Release!

Mourvèdre has been growing on our estate for over ten years. It ripens patiently and is often our longest-hanging fruit of the vintage. This wine is unlike any other we produce, with rustic yet stunning aromatics of sweet pipe tobacco, ripe strawberry and rich coffee. Take in flavors of cinnamon, clove, and silky cocoa, leading to a long, soft finish of cassis and violets. It is hard to express how spectacular this wine truly is, and we know you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

Pair Mourvèdre with red and smoked meats, game, BBQ short ribs, and rich vegetables such as a mix of mushrooms sautéed in butter and garlic served with mashed sweet potatoes.

Vigna, Industry

2021 Estate Stone Soup

Estate, Dry Creek Valley

A wine that needs no introduction, our Estate Stone Soup combines our red grape varietals grown in the rockiest of soils on our estate. We harvest these grapes, hand-sort, and meticulously blend them to create a truly beautiful and enchanting wine. Stone Soup was the perfect name for this luscious red wine, given the stone-strewn soils from which it came.

Our Stone Soup release is always an exciting one! This vintage combines Zinfandel, Grenache, Petite Sirah and Syrah and carefully balances each to make an incredibly sophisticated wine. The aromatics boast ripe blackberry, boysenberry, and black pepper with a pronounced oak, vanilla, and toast profile. The flavors exude big blackberry, black currant, chocolate, and spice. This is an earthy, luscious wine on the finish with notable tannins to balance this big, fruit-forward style.

We love Stone Soup with tomato-based hearty stews, sweet potato pie, mac and cheese, meaty pasta dishes and charcuterie and cheese boards.

7878, Terra, Oliva

2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

Rutherford, Napa Valley

The Beckstoffer family has grown grapes in Northern California for over half a century. The Cabernet grapes, grown in the renowned Rutherford appellation of Napa Valley, are farmed with land conservation in mind and a commitment to agricultural sensitivity. This sensorial, refined Cabernet Sauvignon boasts strong aromatics and a sustaining finish and is a perfect wine for any occasion.

The wine’s soft tannins allow it to pair exquisitely with semi-firm cow’s milk cheeses, such as aged cheddars, aged gouda, sheep’s milk cheeses, and Comté. It’s a perfect match with steak, lamb, duck, mushroom cream sauces, and a juicy hamburger. Think of foods that are richer and fattier. Heavier foods tend to pair better than lighter foods when it comes to this wine.

7878, Vigna

Spanish Table Olive Oil

New Release

Terra, Olio

Medium intensity

Spain is known for its buttery, smooth and bright olive oils. We have captured the best of the oils found on the Spanish Table in one bottle. Brought over from Spain, the Mission olive is now only native to California, while the Manzanilla olive is commonplace among our orchards. This Mission and Manzanilla olive oil blend exhibits a mid-season balance of fruitiness and mild pepper. The rich fruitiness of green olives, toasted almonds, and white pepper bring the flavors of Spain right to your table.

Usage Notes: Enjoy this olive oil with mushroom risotto, paella, leafy greens, roasted chicken, or meaty fish and as the perfect base for any salad dressing.

Balsamic Vinegar


This California Balsamic Vinegar was produced through the selective blending of local wine vinegar and barrel-aged until an elegant flavor profile is reached. Our Barrel-Aged Balsamic vinegar makes an excellent accompaniment to all our olive oils. This deep amber vinegar exhibits a sweet aroma with a tangy, spicy flavor and undertones of fig and rich fruit. Enjoy this versatile balsamic vinegar with your entire meal from appetizer, entrée and dessert!

Usage Notes: Sauté or grill with meats and vegetables, drizzle over warm pasta, fruit, antipasto salads or rice dishes, and dip with your favorite baguette and Parmesan cheese.

Rosemary Olive Oil

New Release

Vigna, Olio

Delicate intensity

Olive oil and Rosemary are often found at the heart of Mediterranean food recipes. Native to the Mediterranean, it is a natural pairing for olive oil. Now you need go no further than one delicious oil! Our Rosemary olive oil is made by milling the freshest rosemary with green fruit Manzanilla olives. Balanced to avoid being too overpowering, the result is a mildly flavored, delicate and rich oil.

Usage Notes: We love using this oil for salted Rosemary bread, mashed potatoes, creamy cauliflower soup, and lemon rosemary cake. Flavor your chicken with pasta or potatoes, vegetables and cheeses. As the base for a sauce, gentle heat releases the rosemary flavor and adds a special spice. Our Rosemary olive oil is sure to elevate every dish!

Miller’s Blend Olive Oil

New Release

Vigna, Olio

Best of Show & Double Gold – 2023 Sonoma County Harvest Fair

Mild intensity

Olive milling season begins with the harvest of Sevillano olives. This green, slightly peppery but smooth olive oil exhibits flavors of fresh herbs with rich, grassy undertones, adding a unique freshness to everyday foods. The Manzanilla olive tree is the most widely grown variety in the world, and Tuscan varietals are plentiful in wine country. Each varietal is integral to California’s olive oil production, so this delicious blend is fittingly named our “Miller’s Blend.” Don’t miss out on this exceptional olive oil while supplies last.

Usage Notes: As Sonoma County Harvest Fair’s Best of Show, this medium-blend olive oil pairs well with most foods! It’s slightly grassy and mild pepper will enliven any salad, yet hold up to a crusty bread for dipping. Pair with a delicate vinegar like our Cranberry Pear for a delicious dressing. Medium boldness makes it a great finish for chicken or fish, or the main event as a pasta sauce with fresh herbs. Try it on a goat cheese log with a shake of cracked pepper for a simple, elegant appetizer!

Valencia Orange Olive Oil


Double Gold – 2023 Sonoma County Harvest Fair

Medium intensity

Valencia, a favorite among oranges, gets its name from the city in Spain, making it a perfect partner for Spanish olives. Our oil is made from the finest Valencia oranges and late-harvest Manzanilla olives grown in Northern California. This olive oil has an intense orange flavor with a perfect amount of spice and zest. Add this “zest” to many of your favorite foods!

Usage Notes: This oil is an ideal salad dressing pairing with our Pomegranate Vinegar. Our favorite is drizzling over chocolate brownies. Yum! Enjoy with pancake mix, French toast, or brownie mix to add a delicate orange flavor. Toss over sweet potatoes before roasting, or finish with broccoli and Brussels sprouts!


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